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Latest News

A new year and fresh changes. I'll be adding more online platforms to contribute to, and to keep them all straight, I'll need to finally update this website to link to them all.
Expect to see some changes around the site as I slow upgrade it from terribly ugly to passably acceptable. For this year, I hope to make more art, more games, play more games and do more streaming. Wish me luck. Have a great 2018, everyone!

I've been making a few updates to the channel banner. I've also added yet another quick game to my account for the Weekly One Hour Game Jam.
Next on the to-do list is to make pages for the videos and games. I'll keep the front page for news. Progress!

2017-01-03 Update
I've been letting the site slip a bit, but it's a new year, now. Everything will be better! ... or at least okay!
I'll be trying to shift my priorities a bit to allow me to spend some time MAKING my own games intstead of playing others. I'll begin uploading some PVP type content. I'll finally start monetizing my stuff! Hold on, change is in the wind!

2016-07-29 The Beginning
I've finally started showing some love to my own site! Expect to see some coding projects, gaming junk, and whatever the hel I feel like.
On this day, we brave ones have finally escaped Windows 10, if the fates are with us!

More content coming soon!


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